Roads, Building & Grounds

Departments Responsibilities

• The maintenance, repair and reconstruction of the Towns 8-mile of roads and storm drainage system consisting of over 350 inlets and 15 outfall channels.
• The maintenance of all municipal streets and parking lots in a clean and safe manner free of all obstructions and hazards, removal of trees, tree limbs, snow and ice.
• The maintenance and repair of all Town owned buildings, properties, parks, and athletic fields.
• Installation, maintenance, and repair of street signs traffic markings and cross walks.
• Collection of leaves (Oct-Dec) / yard debris and brush and Christmas Trees (Jan-Feb). The Brush pickup is the Wednesday after recycling from January to mid October.

o Brush/Yard Debris –raked debris-in plastic garbage bags only. No buckets or garbage cans. Curbside, but not in roadway (every other Wed.) Chipping of all brush (tree limbs & branches) put out for chipping must face in the same direction (with the flow of traffic). Nothing over 6 inches in diameter. We DO NOT take roots and stumps. What cannot be chipped in 15 minutes will be left. No brush will be picked up during leaf collection time.

o Grass Clippings – will be picked up by the garbage hauler. THEY MUST BE IN SPECIAL BAGS, which are available at the municipal building or at your local home improvement stores.

o Leaf Collection – usually from mid-October through December; the rest of the year they are bagged and considered to be yard debris. Leaves may be not placed closer than 10 feet from any storm drain inlet. There will be multiple trips through all neighborhoods for the duration of the leaf collection program, so if leaves are not out when the crew goes by they will be picked up next time. The schedule is subject to inclement weather and other municipal emergencies. A special springtime leaf collection will be the last week of March, and the first week of April.

o Old Tires – may be taken to the Transfer Station, Petticoat Lane, Clinton Township, 908-236-9088.

• Operation of a licensed compost facility, which provides mulch and wood chips for residents. The facility is located at the Town of Clinton WasteWater Treatment Plant, Ramsey Road.
• Contract administration of town wide garbage collection and recycling. Our present hauler is Kasper Disposal

o Garbage Collection:

-All collection services, as described in these specifications, shall be performed on all designated days beginning 7:00am and continuing to no later than 4:00pm These hours must be strictly adhered to and no collections shall be permitted at any other times, except in emergencies and with the permission of the Contract Administrator.

-The following legal holidays are exempted from the waste collection schedule:

New Years Day
Memorial Day Observed
Independence Day Observed
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

-When normal garbage, rubbish and refuse collection day falls on a holiday, collections shall be made the following day.

o Recycling Collection: Collection at curbside every other Tuesday . Please have all recyclable at curbside by 7:00 am.


- The brush pickup is the Wednesday after recycling from January to mid October.

- Newspapers – cross-tied in bundles. NO brown paper bags, plastic, junk mail, or magazines.

- Glass – Rinsed, no lids, and placed in separate open recycling buckets for clear, green & brown glass.

- Aluminum – Beverage cans, foil, pie pans & TV dinner trays: rinsed and placed in open recycling buckets. (Recycling buckets are available at the Municipal Bldg., 43 Leigh St., at $2.25 each)

Note: If you do not have your recycling out before 7:00 am it may not be picked up. Trash and recyclable are not to be on the street prior to noon on the day before pick up.

• Collection – Current Level of Service

o The following materials shall be collected on the days of the week noted below.
o The Contractor shall collect, remove and dispose all garbage, rubbish and refuse waste, not specifically excluded herein, from curbside pickup throughout the municipality on a twice weekly basis.
o Twice weekly collection and disposal of garbage, rubbish and refuse shall be made in accordance with a schedule currently approved by the Town. Tuesday and Friday collection is currently in use for garbage, rubbish and refuse. Work shall be done in accordance with good workmanship and proper safety standards.
o Twice weekly collection of bulk items such as household appliances, refrigerators (freon removal by owner), TV sets, mattresses, dismantled picnic tables, dismantled small metal yard sheds, outdoor toys, including dismantled swing sets, sliding boards, pools, stoves, furniture, boards, etc., shall be picked up on clean-up days and need not be placed in any type of container.
o Contractor’s crew shall not leave droppings of any garbage, rubbish, and refuse material. When such spillage occurs, it shall be promptly cleaned up prior to proceeding with further collections. All collections shall be removed the same day, as they are collected.
o Contractor’s crew shall handle all containers in a manner so as not to damage those to be emptied and left at the curbside. The Contractor’s crews shall completely empty all containers and shall, except in such cases where the containers are disposable, return the same to the place where found and replace the container cover securely thereon. Should the Contractor damage any container beyond normal wear and tear, he shall replace same with a container as good as the one damaged.

• The following items and no other are specifically exempted from the provisions of this contract:

1. Machinery
2. Tree stumps and trunks
3. Stones, concrete blocks and slabs
4. Earth, dirt, sod and plaster
5. Scrapped auto parts and vehicles
6. Old tires, tubes and wheels
7. Bulk Cardboard and paper from grocery stores
8. Garbage, rubbish, refuse from multiple apartment complexes, where management of complex provides a dumpster at his cost
9. Materials from local school
10. Industrial and commercial waste as defined herein:
11. Explosive or other hazardous materials
12. Other items as specifically exempted in writing by both parties to the contact
13. Vegetative wastes. The Town has directed residents not to include grass clippings in garbage to be disposed of under the Town’s disposal contact, unless the grass is contained in an official grass bag.
14. Refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers or other appliances with C.F.C.’s or H.C.F.C’s, unless written proof of removal by a licensed technician is furnished to the Contractor.

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