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The Clinton Master Plan Visioning Workshop

Overview and Purpose
The Town of Clinton, with the assistance of planning and design consultants Clarke Caton Hintz (CCH), is preparing a Vision Study that is to be adopted in the fall of this year.  The Town is committed to a robust public process, of which this planned Community Design Workshop on June 16th is the centerpiece.  Regional Plan Association, a not-for-profit planning organization, is assisting the Town and CCH is convening the Workshop.

The purpose of this initiative is to enable the citizen stakeholders of Clinton to articulate in words and drawings their vision for how Clinton can plan for the future, and in particular, how to plan and design several large undeveloped parcels and the Route 173 corridor.

Components of This Initiative:
Components of this initiative include field research and documentation, planning framework diagrams and sketch plan alternatives for strategic places in the Town.  In terms of public outreach, there will be two Stakeholder Committee meetings leading up to the day-long Community Design Workshop on Saturday June 16. The Stakeholder Committee meetings will be on Monday evening April 30th and Wednesday evening May 30th  from 7:00 to 9:00 at the Clinton Public School Multipurpose room. The Stakeholder Committee meetings will give the citizens of Clinton a chance to shape this effort and to respond to the initial findings and draft planning framework diagrams generated by the consultants before the Workshop.

A graphic report will summarize the outcomes of the Stakeholder Committee meetings and the Workshop.  This work will be incorporated in the Comprehensive Plan.  There is a less tangible but equally important product – increased engagement and understanding of the Master Plan by the citizens of Clinton.

This effort and the rest of the Comprehensive Plan effort is being paid for through a Smart Growth Grant from NJDCA.  Regional Plan Association is subcontractor to CCH for this project.

What is a Community Design Workshop?
A Community Design Workshop is an exciting and highly interactive event.  The day will begin with brief presentations about the issues and opportunities facing the Town and a review of the outcomes of the consultant research and Stakeholder Committee meetings.  Then the participants will work in groups of between eight and twelve, each facilitated by a planner and designer who will sketch out the plan objectives.  During a plenary session at the end of the afternoon the groups will share their findings.

If you have any questions, please call (908) 735-8616.

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